Contreras and Weaver Strike on Poison Lone Star Tour

Pangilinan, Lentini, Felder, Rojos, Contreras, Sanders

Leon Contreras and Jake Weaver seized first-time wins at the third stop on the 2021 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. Contreras went undefeated in the 53-player, open 9-ball division, conquering Victor “Champion” Rojas in the final, 5-1. Weaver went unmatched in the 54-player, amateur 9-ball division, beating David Williams in the final, 5-2.

On June 5th-6th, 2021, title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Predator Cues, APA of North Harris County, Alamo Billiards Outsville Billiards, and Team StraightPool Eye, facilitated another successful event for players all across Texas. More than 80 competitors, including 26 Gulf Coast Tour women, participated in the weekend festivities held at Barney’s Billiard Saloon in Spring, Texas. The room provided 17, 8’ Gandy tables, and the Tour supplied Predator Arcos II Balls and Accu-Racks for each table, sponsored by Predator and Outsville Billiards. The amateur and open 9-ball divisions paid out nearly $9,000 in prize money for the two-day, $1,000 added event.

In the open 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, Leon Contreras bested Kenney Nguyen, 5-1, Dennis Hadley, 5-2, Erik Renteria, 5-4, and David Williams, 5-1. John Lentini defeated Lonnie Vaughan, 5-0, David Acosta, 5-0, Brian Murphy, 5-2, and Will Felder, 5-4. Victor “Champion” Rojas bested Arabdho Aro, 5-2, Aaron Gomez, 5-1, Steve Lenz, 5-0, and Tommy Sanders, 5-3. Rounding out the final four, Joshua Pangilinan ousted Patrick Neel, 5-0, James Williamson, David Chow, 5-2, and Jake Weaver, 5-4. On the one-loss side, reaching the final twelve and in the money, Renteria upset Andy Jethwa, 5-3, and newcomer Mike Fay eliminated Chuck Adams, 5-4. Chow sent home Hadley, 5-3, and first-timer, Kyle Leonard, ended Bobby Perez, 5-3. Back on the winners’ side, Contreras overcame Lentini, 5-3, while Rojas overwhelms Pagilinan, 5-2. Hot seat action witnessed a shut out by Contreras, forcing Rojas to the west side of the board. West side action continued, with Sanders taking charge of Renteria, 5-1, and Weaver sliding by Fay, 5-4. Felder ended Chow’s run, 5-3, while Williams suffered a final blow by Leonard, 5-1, to complete the final eight. Sanders went on to terminate Weaver and Lentini by the same score, 5-1, and Felder ended Leonard, 5-1, falling in turn to Pangilinan, 5-4. Settling into third place, Sanders made quick work of Pangilinan, 5-1, but fell to Rojas, 5-3. In the final match, Rojas could not find redemption, and was overwhelmed by Contreras in the first set of the true, double elimination final, 5-1. 

Pangilinan, Contreras, Williams, Murphy, Weaver, Renteria

In the amateur 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, Weaver defeated powerhouse, Ray Porter, 5-3, Dave Acosta, 5-1, and Erik Renteria, 5-3, while Leon Contreras plowed through Dino Manzanares, 5-2, Fadi Barah, 5-2, and Louie Vickio, 5-0. Brian Murphy powered past Ken Laney, 5-2, Isaiah Arrellano, 5-4, and Mike Fay, 5-4, while David Williams denied Tommy Strawther, 5-2, Kyle Key, 5-3, Steve Lenz, 5-4, and Kyle Leonard, 5-4. On the one-loss side, earning their way into the final eight, Nguyen eliminated Lenz, 5-3, but fell to Renteria, 5-4, while Arrellano ousted Adams, 5-4, and Vickio, 5-3. After losing his first match to Renteria, Pangilinan secured seven consecutive matches, including wins over Barah, 5-4, and Fay, 5-2, while Perez put away Highway Sigadi, 5-4, and Leonard, 5-3. Back on the east side, Weaver shut out Contreras, 5-0, and Williams was victorious over Murphy, 5-4. In the hot seat match, Weaver took control, sending Williams to the west side, 5-1. Winding down on the one-loss side, Renteria slid by Arrellano, 5-4, and bested Murphy, 5-2, while Pangilinan logged his seventh win against Perez, 5-4, falling in turn to Contreras, 5-4. Contreras sent Renteria packing, 5-1, but was stopped by Williams, 5-2. Once again, Weaver and Williams faced off, both vying for their first, division title. Although Williams displayed an enormous amount of composure and focus, Weaver remained vigilant, pulling ahead to defeat Williams, 5-2.

The Tour would like to recognize David Williams on his second place finish and highest finish to date on Tour.

In the weekend raffles, Matt Kindley won a set of Predator Arcos II Balls, and junior player, Makenzlee Grace, took home a Poison Arsenic3-1 playing cue.

The next event will be July 10th-11th, 2021, at Big Tyme Billiards located at 100 Cypresswood Drive, Spring, Texas, 77388.

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Open Payouts – Total $4,880

1st Leon Contreras $550/$1,450

2nd Victor Rojas $360/$830

3rd Tommy Sanders $270/$440

4th Joshua Pangilinan $180/$180

5th-6th John Lentini, Jake Weaver $90/$90 ea.

7th-8th Jake Weaver, Kyle Leonard $60 ea.

9th-12th Mike Fay, David Williams, Erik Renteria, David Chow $35 ea.

13th-16th Andy Jethwa, Chuck Adams, Dennis Hadley, Bobby Perez

17th-24th Ray Porter, Isaiah Arrellano, Kenney Nguyen, Brian Murphy, Tyller Miller, Ronjan Mathur, Steve Lenz, Eric Gauthier

25th-32nd Lonnie Vaughan, Diego Silva, Kyle Key, Steve Williams, Fadi Barah, Luis Acosta, Highway Sigadi, Patrick Neel

33rd-48th Jerry Jordan, James Williamson, Mo Morales, David Miller, Aaron Gomez, Dave Guerra, Yu Chen, Lucio Morales, Johnny Cope, Carl Mitchell, Matt Kindley, Arabdho Aro, Ken Laney, David Coates, Dave Acosta, Paul Lively,

49th-53rd Christian Harwood, Louie Vickio, Devyn Zamora, David Coates, Kyle Yi

 Amateur Payouts – Total $4,060

 1st Jake Weaver $510/$1,100

2nd David Williams $330/$650

3rd Leon Contreras $240/$420

4th Erik Renteria $160/$170

5th-6th Brian Murphy, Joshua Pangilinan$70/$80 ea.

7th-8th Isaiah Arrellan, Bobby Perez $40 ea.

9th-12th Louie Vickio, Kenney Nguyen, Kyle Leonard, Mike Fay $25 ea.

13th-16th Steve Lenz, Chuck Adams, Fadi Barah, Highway Sigadi

17th-24th Will Felder, David Chow, Ray Porter, Victor Rojas, Eric Gauthier, Kyle Key, Dave Acosta, Christian Harwood

25th-32nd John Lentini, David Coates, Arturo Medrano, Steve Williams, Aaron Gomez, Lucio Morales, Paul Lively, Ronjan Mathur

33rd-48th Matt Kindley, Johnny Cope, Dennis Hadley, Dino Manzanares, Yu Chen, Tommy Strawther, Mo Morales, Jerry Jordan, Chris Rocha, Kyle Yi, Dave Guerra, Tyler Miller, Ken Laney, Patrick Neel, Lonnie Vaughan, Luis Acosta

49th-54th Carl Mitchell, Arabdho Aro, Devyn Zamora, David Miller, Jonathan Pavlicek, Diego Silva