Barcus and Contreras Attain Titles on Poison Lone Star Tour

Bayaua, Torres, Pacheco, Garza, Springs, Bird, Barcus, Winters

Blaine Barcus and Leon Contreras racked up first-time wins in their respective divisions, at the fourth stop on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, held at Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, Texas. Barcus took charge in the 69-player, open 9-ball division, suffering a blow in the first set of the finals, 6-5, coming back to defeat Pacheco in overtime, 5-4. Leon Contreras went unmatched in the 72-player, amateur 9-ball division, fending off Bobby Pacheco in the first set of the true, double elimination final, 5-4.

On July 10th-11th, 2021, Tour title sponsor, Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Predator Cues, APA of North Harris County, Alamo Billiards, Outsville Billiards, Team StraightPool Eye, Southern Streaming, and flagship host venue, Big Tyme Billiards, helped facilitate another phenomenal  event for players all across Texas. There were 117 competitors, including 38 women who participated in the Gulf Coast Tour women’s 9-ball event. The two-day, $1,000 added competition paid out $11,245 in prize money, in the Poison Lone Star Tour divisions, alone.  The tournament was played on twenty-three, Diamond Bar Tables, with brand new Predator Arcos II Pool Balls, and Accu-Racks by Outsville Billiards. As always, Big Tyme provided a non-smoking atmosphere, impeccable equipment, and an attentive staff, throughout the weekend. In the open 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, local favorite Blaine Barcus defeated James Costello, Justin McMullen, 6-3, David Massie, 6-3, and Ernesto Bayaua, 6-0. Aaron Springs was on his way with victories over Jacob Henry, 6-0, Victor “Champion” Rojas, 6-3, Marc Garza, 6-3, and Gary Gunter, 6-2. Bobby Pacheco derailed Eric Gauthier, 6-2, Richard “Black Diamond” Stuart, 6-0, Alex Cardenas, 6-4, and Jay Winters, 6-3. Rounding out the final four, all the way from Maryland, newcomer Jimmy Bird bested Mark Cardenas, 6-2, Justin Richard, 6-3, Will Felder, 6-3, and Leon Contreras, 6-0. On the one-loss side, and one round in the money, A. Cardenas eliminated D. Twitty, 5-3, J.C. Torres ousted Will Felder, 5-3, while Hinson eased by Chappell, 5-4, and Garza ended Amos, 5-3.

Back on the east side, Barcus detoured  Springs, 6-5, and Bird defeated Pacheco, 6-3. In the hot seat match, Barcus slid by Bird, 6-4, to capture his first, Poison Lone Star Tour hot seat.  On the one-loss side, rounding out the final eight players in the event, Bayaua dusted off A. Cardenas, 5-4, while J.C. Torres took care of Gunter, 5-3. Following a four match winning streak, Hinson was thwarted by Winters, 5-3, while Contreras was shut out by Garza, 5-0. J.C. Torres scored his sixth win on the one-loss side, dominating Bayaua, 5-4, but was denied final four access by Pacheco, 5-1. Garza fought his way into the final four, sending Springs packing, 5-4, but Pacheco made quick work of Garza, 5-2, and slid by Bird, 5-4, to meet Barcus in the finals. This was a first-time final for both players in a Poison Lone Star Event. Pacheco came on strong, taking the first set, 6-5. Barcus answered back, closing the second set, 5-4, to win his first, Poison Lone Star Tour Open Division title.

Springs, Winters, Pacheco, Bird, Rojas, Felder, Frauenberger, Contreras,

In the amateur 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, Leon Contreras ousted Wesley Escobar, 5-4, Aaron Springs, 5-1, Erik Renteria, 5-1, and Steve Lenz, 5-0. Victor Rojas disappointed Chris Rocha, 5-3, Danny Hoang, 5-1, Justin Richard, 5-1, Bobby Pacheco, 5-4, and Ryan Rosplock, 5-4. Jay Winters took control, with wins over Mike Garcia, 5-2, Bobby Perez, 5-1, Eric Gauthier, 5-4, and J.C. Torres, 5-0. Rounding out the final four, Kevin Frauenberger dominated Manny Aguilar, 5-1, Cesar Arechiga, 5-0, Daryl Amos, 5-3, and Raul Enciso, 5-1. On the one-loss side, one round in the money, first-time player, Robin Barnes, shut out Pacheco, 4-0, while Felder squeezed by Renteria, 4-3. Springs overcame newcomer, Larry Brevelle, 4-1, while Gauthier was shut out by Bird, 4-0. East side action witnessed Frauenberger defeat Winters, 5-1, and Contreras dominate Rojas, 5-2. In the hot seat match, Contreras maintained his momentum, overwhelming Frauenberger, 5-2, to capture the amateur division hot seat. On the west side, breaking into the final eight, Pacheco ended Raul Enciso, 4-0, Felder overtook J.C. Torres, 4-1, while Springs denied Rosplock, 4-1, and Bird halted Lenz, 4-1. Pacheco was on a roll, wiping out Felder, 4-0, and Rojas, 4-2, marking five wins on the one-loss side. Springs was on an incredible run, with wins over Bird, 4-2, and Winters, 4-1, for a grand total of seven wins to reach the final four. Springs hit a brick wall with Pacheco, scoring one game in the set, and Frauenberger felt the heat as well, losing to Pacheco, 4-3.

With seven wins under his belt, Pacheco went on to meet Contreras for a shot at the title. In the final set, Contreras remained composed, and on point, and Pacheco dug in, defending his position. In the end, Contreras inched past Pacheco, 5-4, to secure his first, Poison Lone Star Amateur Division title.

The Tour would like to welcome all the players who attended their first Poison Lone Star Event at this stop, including Jimmy Bird, Robin Barnes, and Larry Brevelle, just to name a few. The latest Junior player on the Tour scene, 15-year old, Tyler Miller, joined the Tour earlier this year, along with his dad, David. Tour membership is free, and all Tour venues admit Junior players under the age of eighteen, with a parent or guardian.

Sherren Drake of Dayton, Texas, scored at this event, winning a Poison Arsenic3-1 playing cue in the weekend raffle. The Tour would also like to recognize Chuck Adams and John Newsome for their assistance in running a seamless, two-day event.

The next event will be August 21st-22nd, 2021, at R House Bar and Grill, located at  2637 FM 529 Rd., Houston, Texas, 77041.

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Open Payouts – Total $5,615

1st Blaine Barcus $635/$1,420

2nd Bobby Pacheco $430/$950

3rd Jimmy Bird $310/$525

4th Marc Garza $180/$245

5th-6th Aaron Springs, J.C. Torres $90/$100 ea.

7th-8th Ernesto Bayaua, Jay Winters $60/$50 ea.

9th-12th Gary Gunter, Todd Hinson, Leon Contreras, Alex Cardenas $45 ea.

13th-16th Will Felder, Calvin Chappell, David Twitty, Daryl Amos $35 ea.

Amateur Payouts – Total $5,630

1st Leon Contreras $570/$1,460

2nd Bobby Pacheco $360/$980

3rd Kevin Frauenberger $290/$560

4th Aaron Springs $180/$280

5th-6th Victor Rojas, Jay Winters $90/$90 ea.

7th-8th Will Felder, Jimmy Bird $60/$75 ea.

9th-12th Steve Lenz, Ryan Rosplock, J.C. Torres, Raul Enciso $40 ea.

13th-16th Eric Gauthier, Larry Brevelle, Robin Barnes, Erik Renteria $25 ea.