Player Eligibility

All pool players, male or female, of any age and skill level, are welcome to participate in all Tour events, and membership is always free!

Open and Amateur Status Players

An “open status player” may be a player who falls under one of the categories below. Open status players are not permitted to compete in the amateur division.

  • Any Local, State, or National Title Holders (Houston Open, Texas Open, White Diamond, APA, BCA, U.S. Opens, comparable U.S. billiard tours)
  • Current and Former Professional Players
  • Mosconi Cup Players and Contenders
  • Highly skilled, or “known” players
  • Multiple event winners on Tour who have graduated to open status
  • Players moved to open status at the director’s discretion
  • Current open status players on Tour

An “amateur status player” may participate in both the open and amateur divisions. Amateur status players may also graduate to open status, through their progress on Tour. The tournament director will coordinate match schedules for amateur players competing in both divisions, during an event weekend.

Below is a list of players who have competed on Tour, and are considered open status players. This list will give you a better idea of who we consider to be, open status. If you have a question about your status, please contact us through our website.

  1. Alex Calderone
  2. Amar Kang
  3. Andy Jethwa
  4. Barry Strickland
  5. Billy Sharp
  6. Blaine Barcus
  7. Brent Forster
  8. Brent Thomas
  9. Brian Sanders
  10. C.J. Wiley
  11. Chase Rudder
  12. Cielo Velasquez
  13.  Cliff Joyner
  14. Clint Freeman
  15. Danny Lee
  16. Danny Tam
  17. David Gutierrez
  18. David Henson
  19. David Parker
  20. Denis Strickland
  21. Doug Young
  22. Eric Charlton
  23. Ernesto Bayaua
  24. Jacob Watson
  25. James Davis, Jr.
  26. James Davis, Sr.
  27. Jamie Baraks
  28. Jeremy Jones
  29. Jerry Alvarez
  30. Jesus Atencio
  31. Joey Bourgeois, Jr.
  32. Joey Torres
  33. John McDowell
  34. John Newsome
  35. Josh Roberts
  36. John Weeks
  37. Junior Jueco
  38. Justin Espinosa
  39. Justin Whitehead
  40. Kevin Guimond
  41. Manny Chau
  42. Marc Garza
  43. Mike Alonzo
  44. Nick Hood
  45. Rafael Martinez
  46. Richie Richeson
  47. Robert Clark
  48. Roberto Gomez
  49. Rodney Morris
  50. Shane VanBoening
  51. Shawn Putnam
  52. Sylver Ochoa
  53. Tommy Tokoph
  54. Will Felder
  55. Yousef Jalal