Gabby and Hunt Go Undefeated on Poison Lone Star Tour

Gabby Pouncey

Competing in their first Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour pool tournament, Gabby Pouncey and Jason Hunt went undefeated to win the open and amateur 9-ball divisions, respectively. After stifling a field of 61 players, Gabby defeated Aaron Springs in the open final, 6-3, while Hunt denied Will Felder in the amateur final, 5-3.

On April 24th-25th, 2021, sponsors Poison by Predator Cues, Predator Cues, APA of North Harris County, Alamo Billiards, Outsville Billiards, Team StraightPool Eye, Southern Streaming, and Slick Willies Family Pool Hall (5319 Westheimer) in Houston, Texas, facilitated another successful event for Tour players. This event was $1,000 added and drew nearly 70 players, with 24 ladies in the Gulf Coast Tour Event, paying out almost $11,000 in prize money. As always, Slick Willies provided premium amenities, which included twenty-three, Brunswick 8’ Tables, in a smoke-free environment. Predator Arcos II Pool Balls and Accu-Racks by Outsville Billiards were provided for each table.

Gabby, Springs, Felder, Rivas, Charles, Espinosa

In the open 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, Gabby defeated Luis Acosta, 6-1, Martin Ramos, 6-4, Sylver Hernandez, 6-3, and Pete Charles, 6-1. Will Felder tackled Richard Hutchinson, 6-1, Felix Galindo, 6-3, J.C. Torres, 6-2, and Albert Bustillos, 6-2. Aaron Springs bested Michael Pickering, Tim Jerkins, 6-2, Derek Fontenot, 5-0, and Gabriel Rivas, 6-2. Rounding out the final four, Justin Espinosa overcame Jason Hill, 6-2, Mike Anderson, Jose Mancillas, 6-5, and Jason Hunt, 6-2. On the west side, Kenney Nguyen was on a roll with wins over Erik Renteria, 5-1, Isaiah Arellano, 5-4, and Hernandez, 5-2, fell to Rivas, 5-4. After suffering a first round loss, Steve Lenz eliminated Acosta, 5-0, Wesley Escobar, 5-1, Brian Murphy, 5-1, Torres, 5-0, and Chris Ramoz, 5-1, until losing to Hunt, 5-3. Advancing to the final twelve, Mancillas denied Dennis Hadley, 5-4, and Bustillos, 5-1, while Fontenot shutout Javier Alienes, 5-0, losing in turn to Charles, 5-1. As the one-loss side played out, east side action was underway. Gabby overwhelmed Felder, 6-3, and it was Springs over Espinosa, 6-4. In the hot seat match, Gabby wasted little time on Springs, running away with it, 6-1. Back on the one-loss side, Rivas ended Hunt, 5-3, while Charles derailed Mancillas, 5-0. Advancing into the final four, Felder sent Rivas packing, and Espinosa advanced over Charles, by the same score, 5-3. Espinosa finished off Felder, 5-3, but was eliminated by Springs, 5-3. Springs earned himself a rematch Gabby, but that opportunity was short-lived, as Gabby ran away with the final set, 6-3. This was Gabby’s first time to compete, and his first win, on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour.

Lenz, Felder, Hunt, Alienes, Baggett, Mancillas

In the amateur 9-ball division, newcomer Jason Hunt earned his way into the winners’ side, final four, with victories over Brian Murphy, 5-2, Wesley Escobar, 5-3, Isaiah Arellano, 5-0, and J.C. Torres, 5-3. Javier Alienes dusted off Joe Gonzales, 5-1, Erik Renteria, 5-4, and Sylver Hernandez, 5-1.  Jose Mancillas took down Ed Palacios, Jr., 5-0, Jason Hill, 5-3, Oscar Ramoz, 5-1, and Steve Lenz, 5-3. Wrapping up the final four, Will Felder dominated Eddie Pacheco, 5-1, Mike Anderson, 5-3, Jim Walker, 5-1, and Pete Charles, 5-2. On the one-loss side, and in the final sixteen, Chris Bagget took out Dennis Hadley and Hernandez, by the same score, 4-1, while Kenney Nguyen ousted Ramoz, 4-2, and Torres, 4-3. Elias Garza won five matches, including wins over Mike Anderson, 4-1, Gary Behrens, 4-1, Isaiah Arellano, Chris Ramoz, 4-1. One round from the final eight, Garza was eliminated by Steve Lenz, 4-1. After losing his first match, Chuck Adams bested Jim Shortell, Mo Morales, Aaron Springs, 4-2, Brian Sakuma, and Renteria, 4-1, but fell to Pete Charles, 4-2. The final eight was formed, and east side action ensued. Felder squeezed by Mancillas, 5-4, and Hunt shutout Alienes, 5-0. Hunt made quick work of Felder, 5-3, securing his first hot seat match in his first event.  Back on the west side, it was Baggett over Nguyen, 4-3, and Mancillas, 4-3, while Lenz denied Charles 4-0, and Alienes, 4-3. Lenz secured his fourth win over Mancillas, 4-0, but was relegated to third place by Felder, 4-1. Once again, Felder faced off with Hunt, but Hunt would not be denied, and quickly defeated Felder in the first set of the true, double elimination final, 5-3. This was the first time Hunt competed on Tour, and this was his first win.

The Tour would like to acknowledge junior players Malachi Walker and Tyler Miller, who competed in amateur 9-ball division. Junior players, 17 and under, always receive a $5 discount, and are permitted to attend any event with a parent or guardian.

Finally, the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended this event, and invite them back at every opportunity.

The next event will be June 4th-5th, 2021, at Slick Willies Family Pool Hall, located at 5319 Westheimer, in Houston, Texas. For more information about the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, visit   

Open Payouts – Total $4.815

1st Gabby $600/$1,400

2nd Aaron Springs $420/$800

3rd Justin Espinosa $300/$420

4th Will Felder $175/$170

5th-6th Gabriel Rivas, Pete Charles $90 ea.

7th-8th Jose Mancillas, Jason Hunt $60 ea.

9th-12th Kenney Nguyen, Steve Lenz, Albert Bustillos, Derek Fontenot $40 ea.

13th-16th Sylver Hernandez, Chris Ramoz, Dennis Hadley, Javier Alienes $30 ea.

 Amateur Payouts – Total $4,730

 1st Jason Hunt $525/$1,300

2nd Will Felder $325/$800

3rd Steve Lenz $200/$425

4th Jose Mancillas $150/$175

5th-6th Javier Alienes, Chis Baggett $90/$100 ea.

7th-8th Pete Charles, Kenney Nguye $60/$45 ea.

9th-12th J.C. Torres, Elias Garza, Sylver Hernandez, Chuck Adams $30 ea.

13th-16th Oscar Ramoz, Chris Ramoz, Dennis Hadley, Erik Renteria $25 ea.