Frauenberger and Rojas Reel in Wins on Poison Lone Star Tour

Sharp, Shabib, Rojas, Bennett, Reyes, Frauenberger, Alienes, Torres

Kevin Frauenberger and Victor “Champion” Rojas reeled in first-time wins at the 2022 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, Season Opener. Frauenberger went undefeated in the 64-player, open 9-ball division, ousting Rojas in the finals, 6-5. Rojas soared to his first victory, unmatched in the 64-player, amateur 9-ball division, besting Mark Nanashee in the finals, 5-1.

Galindo, Nanashee, Lenz, Rojas, Bennett, Bosshamer, Hughes, Arechiga

On January 8th-9th, 2022, title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Predator Cues, Alamo Billiards, Outsville Billiards, and Team Straight Pool Eye, facilitated a successful, season opener, for players across Texas. Nearly 100 competitors, including 29 Gulf Coast Tour women, participated in the first event of the year, held at Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, Texas. Players traveled from Corpus Christi, Lufkin, Angleton, and San Antonio, vying for a piece of the $9,150 payout. Big Tyme provided twenty-four, 7’ Diamond bar tables for tournament play, while Predator sponsored the Arcos II ball sets used on each table, along with Accu-Racks for discussion-free racking, sponsored by Outsville Billiards.

In the open 9-ball division, winners’ side final eight, Eric Reyes squeezed by John Hedgepath, 6-5, while Turkish newcomer, Raed Shabib, railroaded Danny Bennett, 6-3. Kevin Frauenberger upset Billy Sharp, 6-3, and Victor Rojas made quick work of Javier Alienes, 6-2. In the following round, Shabib bested Reyes, 6-2, and Frauenberger edged out Rojas, 6-5, framing a first-time, hot seat match up, between Shabib and Frauenberger.  In the winner-break format, Frauenberger used his break to command the set, surprising and upsetting Shabib, 6-3. Down to the final eight players in the event, on the one-loss side, Sharp ended Alienes, 5-2, but fell short against Reyes, 5-4, while J.C. Torres took out Bennett, only to be stopped by Rojas, 5-2. Rojas was on a roll, overwhelming Reyes, 5-0, and Shabib, 5-2, earning himself a shot at Frauenberger, and a first-time victory. In the final match, once again, Fauenberger came out firing, but Rojas answered back, as players traded game for game. In the end, it was Frauenberger who nosed ahead at the finish line, 6-5, to capture his first title.

In the amateur 9-ball division, winners’ side final eight, Victor Rojas defeated Kevin Frauenberger, and Danny Bennett ousted Jim Henry, by the same score, 5-3. Steve Lenz denied Cesar Arechiga, 5-1, while Felix Galindo sent Sonny Bosshamer to the west side, 5-1. Final four, east side action, witnessed Rojas slide by Bennett, 5-4, and Galindo upset Arechiga, 5-3. In the hot seat match, a determined Rojas took down Galindo, 5-3. Down to the final eight players in the event, on the one-loss side, Bosshamer crept by Lenz and Bennett, by the same score,  4-3, while Nanashee denied both Ricky Hughes and Arechiga, by the same score, 4-1. Nanashee went on to eliminate Bosshamer and Galindo, 4-0, 4-1, respectively, marking up an incredible seven match wins to meet Rojas at the finish line. In the final match, Rojas was unstoppable, overwhelming Nanashee, 5-1, to capture his first title.

The Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended this event, including Raed Shabib, Nikolas Battise, Chase Baty, James McDonald, and many more! Congratulations to James McDonald and Kyle Key who took home a Poison cues, and Mo Morales who scored a Predator Arcos II ball set, in the weekend raffles. The next event will be held March 19th-20th at R House Bar and Grill in Houston, Texas.

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Open Payouts – Total $ $4,505

1st Kevin Frauenberger $585/$1,000

2nd Victor Rojas $400/$650

3rd Raed Shabib $280/$400

4th Eric Reyes $190/$200

5th-6th Billy Sharp, J.C. Torres $90/$90

7th-8th Danny Bennett, Javier Alienes $60

9th-12th John Hedgepath, Felix Galindo, Steve Lenz, Wesley Escobar $45

13th-16th Bill Fuller, Bobby Roland, Joe Hudson, Richard Rodriguez $35

Amateur Payouts – $4,645

1st Victor Rojas $525/$1,100

2nd Mark Nanashee $325/$745

3rd Felix Galindo $200/$460

4th Sonny Bosshamer $150/$240

5th-6th Danny Bennett, Cesar Arechiga $90/$110

7th-8th Ricky Hughes, Steve Lenz $70

9th-12th Wesley Escobar, Jay McGovern, Jim Henry, Kevin Frauenberger $40

13th-16th David Gonzales, Mo Morales, Nikolas Battise, Jay Russell $25