Bourgeois, Jr. and Felder Affirm on Poison Lone Star Tour

Bourgeois, Jr., Richeson, Acevedo, Hall – Bottom row – Contreras, Quintero

Joey Bourgeois, Jr. captured his first-ever, open 9-ball division title, and Will Felder went untouched in the amateur 9-ball division, earning his second amateur title on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. Leon Contreras of Missouri City, Texas gave both players a run for their money, vying for wins in both division finals. Although Contreras fell short, he still secured his highest finishes to date.

On June 1st-2nd, 2019, Tour title sponsor, Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, APA of North Harris County, Vapor Fiend, and Outsville Billiards, facilitated another successful event, drawing fifty-two players with over $8,200 in prize money. This was the fourth and final event of 2019, to be hosted by the Slick Willies Corporation. The Tour would like to thank David Kimmey, Director of Operations, and his entire staff at the Houston (Westheimer) and San Antonio stores, for their first-rate hospitality and accommodations. The next stop will be held July 6th-7th, at Big Tyme Billiards, located at 100 Cypresswood Drive, Suite G, Spring, Texas 77388.

In the 48-player, open 9-ball division, Joey Bourgeois, Jr. stormed the field, with wins over Joseph Pruiett, 7-2, J.C. Torres, 7-4, and Steve Lenz, 7-3, while young gun, Jerry Quintero, cast aside Arnel Ablola, Richie Richeson, 7-5, David Massie, 7-1, and Eric Gauthier, 7-4. Justin Hall ran through Victor “Champion” Rojas, 7-2, Chris Orman, 7-1, and Will Felder, 7-6, while the energizer bunny, Leon Contreras, zapped Tuan Nguyen, Tim Wotherspoon, 7-3, Buddy Chilton, 7-3, and Ricky Hughes, 7-4. The final four on the winners’ side took their place, while action on the one-loss side was underway. Seth Gonzalez captured four straight on the west side, knocking out Wotherspoon and Felder by the same score, 5-4, while Joel Acevedo ejected Torres and Hughes by the same score, 5-4. After suffering a second round loss to Quintero, Richeson blazed through Andy Jethwa, 5-4, Shane Hvamstad, 5-3, Chilton, 5-3, and Lenz, 5-3. Jake Moore was forced to settle for a top sixteen finish, and one round out of the money, following a blow by Orman, 5-1, who fell in turn to Gauthier, 5-2. Back on the east side, Bourgeois, Jr. handed Quintero his first loss, 7-3, while Hall made quick work of Contreras, 7-2. The hot seat match between Bourgeois, Jr. and Hall was a hill-hill thriller, with Bourgeois, Jr. edging out the win, 7-6. On the consolation side, Acevedo overwhelmed Felder, 5-1, but fell short against Quintero, 5-3. Richeson eliminated Eric Gauthier, 5-3, but was denied by Contreras, 5-1. Contreras was on fire, and went on to crush Quintero, 5-0, and Hall, 5-2, for a shot at his first Tour title. It was Contreras who took out Bourgeois, Jr. in the amateur division, and now, they would face off again in the open division final. Contreras controlled the first set, besting Bourgeois, Jr., 7-3, poised to take down the win. In the second set, players volleyed until the scored reached 4-4. In the final game, Bourgeois, Jr. broke and jumped the cue ball off the table. Contreras ran the first five balls, and hooked himself on the six-ball. This unforced error proved fatal, as Bourgeois, Jr. ran the remaining balls, to claim his first-ever, Poison Lone Star Tour, open 9-ball division title.

Contreras, Felder, Garza, Lenz – Bottom row – Torres, Perez

In the 48-player, amateur 9-ball division, Will Felder made his way to the winners’ side final four with wins over Eric Gauthier, 5-3, David Massie, 5-2, Joseph Pruiett, 5-1, and Felix Galindo, 5-3. Steve Lenz defeated Jeff Bingham, 5-4, Jake Moore, 5-2, Gerald Holland, 5-0, and Joel Acevedo, 5-1, while Elias Garza bested Austin Abernathy, 5-1, Arnel Ablola, 5-2, and Seth Gonzalez, 5-3. Rounding out the east side, final four, Gerardo Perez ousted J.C. Torres, 5-4, Foots Ferguson, 5-4, and Buddy Chilton, 5-3. On the west side, completing their runs to the final eight, Jesus Sorto eliminated Mike Nguyen, 5-3, and Joel Acevedo, 5-2, while Leon Contreras eased by Joey Bourgeois, Jr., 5-4, and Galindo, 5-3. Chris Orman ended Karol Hughes, 5-1, but fell to Buddy Chilton, 5-1, while Torres took out Holland, and Gonzalez, 5-2.  On the east side, final four action witnessed Perez defeat Garza, 5-1, and Felder foil Lenz, 5-3. Felder overcame Perez for the hot seat win, 5-2. Following a first round loss to Gonzalez, Contreras came back in a big way, marking up seven wins, including victories over Sorto, 5-2, and Garza, 5-1. Following a second round loss to Perez, Torres amassed seven wins, dusting off Chilton, 5-2, and Lenz, 5-3. Contreras remained steadfast, ending Torres, 5-1, and shutting out Perez, 5-0, for nine straight wins on the one-loss side, and a shot at his first title.

Felder and Contreras teed off in the true, double elimination final. Felder, vying for his second title, and Contreras, aiming for his first, descended into battle.  After grinding out nine wins on the east side, Contreras appeared to be out of steam. Felder took full advantage, securing the first set, 5-2, going undefeated to win his second, Poison Lone Star Tour, amateur 9-ball division title. The Tour would like to thank all of the players who attended this event, congratulate the top finishers, and those who reached a milestone in their game.

There are two hundred and fifteen players ranked in the amateur 9-ball division. The Tour would like to acknowledge Karol Hughes, currently, the only woman competing regularly in both divisions. At this event, Karol finished top sixteen in the amateur division, which is sure to improve her thirty-seventh place, amateur division ranking.

Finally, the Tour would like to recognize the tournament director for this event, John Newsome, along with David Kimmey, David Massie, Pete Charles, Ruth Paine, Kim Pierce, Julie Acevedo, and Ming Ng, who worked tirelessly to run a seamless and enjoyable tournament.

The next event of the 2019 season is July 6th-7th, at Big Tyme Billiards, located at 100 Cypresswood Dr., Suite G, Spring, Texas, 77388. This event will be played on twenty-three, open Diamond bar tables.  For more information about the Poison Lone Star Tour, visit

Photos by A8 Photography

Open Payouts – Total $5,060

1st Joey Bourgeois, Jr. $550/$1,450

2nd Leon Contreras $350/$900

3rd Justin Hall $240/$510

4th Jerry Quintero $160/$300

5th-6th Joel Acevedo, Richie Richeson $80 ea

7th-8th Eric Gauthier, Will Felder $50 ea

9th-12th Seth Gonzalez, Steve Lenz, Ricky Hughes, Chris Orman $35 ea

Amateur Payouts – Total $3,210

1st Will Felder $520/$780

2nd Leon Contreras $320/$400

3rd Gerardo Perez $210/$260

4th J.C. Torres $120/$160

5th-6th Elias Garza, Steve Lenz $60 ea

7th-8th Jesus Sorto, Buddy Chilton $35

9th-12th Seth Gonzalez, Joel Acevedo, Felix Galindo, Chris Orman $25