Boza and Ocampo Overcome on Poison Lone Star Tour

Scott, Ocampo, Martinez, III, G. Martinez, Tieu, Reece

Abraham Boza went undefeated in the 77-player, open 9-ball division, while Jaime Ocampo finished unscathed, in the 78-player, amateur 9-ball division, at the fourth stop on the 2019 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour.

On April 27th-28th, 2019, Tour title sponsor, Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, APA of North Harris County, Vapor Fiend, Outsville Billiards, and Southern Streaming, facilitated another successful event drawing 83 players with over $8,000 in prize money. This marked the Tour’s second event at the Slick Willies Family Pool Hall located at 5913 Westheimer, in Houston’s upscale, Galleria area. The Tour would like to thank David Kimmey, Slick Willies’ Director of Operations, and his entire staff, for their first-rate hospitality and accommodations, they provided throughout the event. The Tour will return to this this location for its fifth stop, June 1st-2nd.

Ocampo, Boza

In the open 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side final four, Abraham Boza defeated Scott Proud, 5-1, Lazaro Martinez, Jr., 5-2,  Beaumont’s Carl Honey, 5-2, and Dallas’ Shane Hvamstad, 5-3. Jaime Ocampo bested Andrew Rodriguez, Dennis Breazeale, 5-0, Anthony Gepayo, 5-1, and Chad Reece, 5-3, while junior player, Lazaro Martinez, III, aka “Lil Laz”, tagged Adam Garza, 5-2, San Antonio’s Chris Ramoz, Danny Lee, 5-1, and Nick Quirona, 5-2. Phillip Tieu ousted Richard Urdiales, Curt Sheldon, Tony Cuellar, 5-4, David Gonzalez, 5-2, and Chris Orman, 5-4. Rounding out the winners’ side final four, Jaime Ocampo defeated Andrew Rodriguez, Dennis Breazeale, 5-0, Anthony Gepayo, 5-1, and Chad Reece, 5-3. On the west side, after losing his second round match to Boza, 5-1, Proud took out Guero Bejarano, 5-3, David Williams, 5-4, Rudy Esteves, 5-1, Chuck Miles, 5-1, and David Gonzalez, 5-2. Noel Morin stopped Chuck Adams, 5-3, and Michael Pickering eliminated Elijah Hughes, 5-3, to reach the final sixteen, and the money. Following a first round loss to Pete Charles, 5-4, junior phenom, Gabriel Martinez, was on fire, taking out Shane Pickering, 5-1, Anthony Flores, 5-1, Lazaro Martinez, Jr., 5-2, Adam Garza, 5-0, and John Infante, 5-3. Rounding out the final sixteen, Gabe Alexander defeated Anthony Gepayo, 5-1, Ricky Hughes denied Lee, 5-3, and Felder refused Rodriguez, 5-1. Elimination rounds continued, as Proud fell to Morin, 5-3, in turn, eliminated by Reece, 5-3. M. Pickering passed Honey, 5-0, but crumbled to Quirona, 5-1. G. Martinez ended Alexander, then Orman, 5-3, while Felder flew by Hughes, falling in turn to Hvamstad, 5-1. Fighting to advance, Reece overwhelmed Quirona, 5-1, but fell to Tieu, 5-3. G. Martinez ended Hvamstad, 5-0, brother, Martinez, III, 5-2, and Tieu, 5-1, marking an incredible ten wins on the one-loss side. G. Martinez was hindered by Ocampo, 5-0, ending his run, and a shot at the title. Ocampo was back, but in the final, Boza did not falter. Players traded racks, with exceptional breaks and clean runs, until the first race ended, and Ocampo fell short, 5-4. Congratulations to Abraham Boza on his first, Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour title!

Ocampo, Proud, G. Martinez, Rodriguez, Senn, Chilton

In the amateur 9-ball division, Jaime Ocampo made his way to the winners’ side final four with victories over Danny Lee, 5-2, Shane Pickering, 5-1, Phillip Tieu, 5-2, Gabriel Martinez, 5-3, and Chad Reece, 5-3. Abraham Boza burned through the winners’ side, torching Adam Zuniga, 5-0, Lazaro Martinez, III, 5-2, Fadi Barah, 5-1, and Carl Honey, 5-1. Also in contention, Austin’s Andrew Rodriguez bested Bader Alkandari, 5-3, Elijah Hughes, 5-3, Bobby Broussard, 5-3, and Buddy Chilton, 5-3. Defending his recent win in San Antonio, Roger Senn ousted Robert Booth, 5-0, Hector Olmos, 5-1, Noel Morin, 5-4, Pete Charles, 5-1, and Tony Scott, 5-4. On the one-loss side and in the money, Minh Ly dusted off Pete Charles, 5-1, Chuck Adams denied Curt Sheldon, 5-2, and Gabriel Martinez slid by Shane Hvamstad, 5-4. Scott Proud lost his second match to Noel Morin, but regrouped with six straight wins, eliminating Richard Urdiales, 5-0, Hector Olmos, Phillip Tieu, 5-2, Darrell Taylor, David Williams, 5-4, and Bobby Broussard, 5-3. Vying for the next round, Proud sent Honey packing, 5-3, while Reece shut-out Charles, 5-0. Chilton leveled Adams, 5-2, and G. Martinez toppled Scott, 5-3. Proud was full steam ahead, overpowering Reece, 5-3, then Rodriguez, marking his ninth win. G. Martinez was on a roll of his own, ousting Chilton, 5-2, and Boza, 5-4, for a total of five wins on the one-loss side. Proud forged ahead, overwhelming G. Martinez, 5-0, and creeping by Senn, 5-4. Proud secured eleven wins to reach the finals, but Ocampo was ready and waiting. An undefeated Ocampo took the lead, ending Proud in the first set, 5-2. Congratulations to Jaime Ocampo on his first, Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour title, and Scott Proud on a record-setting comeback.

The Tour would like to extend its deepest gratitude to competitors who traveled from across Texas to attend this event. Also, congratulations to Toni Esteves of Lufkin, Texas, who won the Poison AR3-5 playing cue, in the weekend raffle.

The next event of the 2019 season is June 1st-2nd, at Slick Willies, located at 5913 Westheimer, Houston, Texas, 77057.  For more information about the Poison Lone Star Tour, visit

Open Payouts – Total $4,074

1st Abraham Boza $645/$780

2nd Jaime Ocampo $430/$430

3rd Gabriel Martinez $300/$280

4th Phillip Tieu $210/$160

5th-6th Chad Reece, Lazaro Martinez, III $130 ea

7th-8th Nick Quirona, Shane Hvamstad $90 ea

9th-12th Michael Pickering, Chris Orman, Noel Morin, Will Felder $60 ea

13th-16th Scott Proud, Gabe Alexander, Carl Honey, Ricky Hughes $40 ea


Amateur Payouts – Total $4,320


1st Jaime Ocampo $600/$850

2nd Scott Proud $390/$550

3rd Roger Senn $270/$300

4th Gabriel Martinez $180/$175

5th-6th Andrew Rodriguez, Abraham Boza $90/$100 ea

7th-8th Buddy Chilton, Chad Reece $60/$75 ea

9th-12th Pete Charles, Carl Honey, Tony Scott, Chuck Adams $45 ea

13th-16th Bobby Broussard, Curt Sheldon, Minh Ly, Shane Hvamstad $35 ea