Hall and Lee Win Poison Lone Star Season Opener

Espinosa, Lenz, Bautista, Yniguez, Richeson, Atencio, Price, Hall

Two-time Space City Open One Pocket Champion, All-Around Southern Classic Champion, and Mosconi Cup Player, Justin Hall, went undefeated in the 81-player, open 9-ball division. Hall overwhelmed Austin’s Justin Espinosa, 5-1, in the first set of the true, double elimination final, to win his first Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour title. In the 64-player, amateur 9-ball division, former Tour champion, Danny Lee, went undefeated, beating David Massie, 5-1, in the first set, taking home his first title since 2013.

On January 5th-6th, 2019, Tour title sponsor, Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, APA of North Harris County, Vapor Knights U.S.A., Outsville Billiards, and Southern Streaming, facilitated a successful season opener that drew notables Justin Hall, Ruben Bautista, Richie Richeson, Jesus Atencio, Ernesto Bayaua, and Justin Espinosa, and paid out close to $10,000 in prize money.

This past weekend marked the Tour’s first-ever event at the famous Slick Willies Family Pool Hall, located at 5913 Westheimer, in Houston’s upscale, Galleria area. The Tour would like to thank Slick Willies’ Director of Operations, David Kimmey, for making this happen, along with his entire staff, for hosting a first-rate event. “We are proud of the new relationship forged between the Poison Lone Star Tour, and the Slick Willies Corporation”, says Tour Founder and Director, Kim Newsome. Slick Willies has been in business since 1974, boasting seven, Texas locations, in Houston, Katy, San Antonio, Austin, and one location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “Slick’s” is well-known for its fun atmosphere, professional staff, and barrage of photographs and sports memorabilia, adorning the walls of each location. Slick Willies will host several stops on this year’s Poison Lone Star Tour. The next event of the 2019 season is February 9th-10th, at Diamond Billiards in Port Arthur, Texas.

In the open 9-ball division, decorated pool champion, Justin Hall, made his way to the winners’ side final four tagging Ed Ambros, 5-3, Gilberto Quintero, 5-0, Felipe Yniguez, 5-1, and Steve Lenz, 5-3. Justin Espinosa booked wins over Sean Selsor, 5-1, Trevor McKeehan, 5-4, Ricardo Espinosa, 5-1, and Tim Ramon, 5-1. Richie Richeson ousted Chase Wheeler, Danisel Blanco, 5-0, Mauricio Chairez, 5-4, Brandon Tang, 5-1, and Jonathan Poon, 5-0, while Ruben Bautista defeated Joshua Pangilinan, Buddy Chilton, 5-0, Ryan Lane, 5-2, and Ernesto Bayaua, 5-3. On the one-loss side, final sixteen action witnessed Yniguez take out Jason Roessler, 5-2, and Tim Ramon, 5-0. Kenneth Price overcame Eddie Palmer, 5-1, and secured his sixth win, defeating Poon, 5-1. R. Espinosa ended Blanco, 5-4, but fell to Lenz, 5-0, while Atencio dusted off Mario Morin, 5-0, and Bayaua, 5-3, rounding out the final eight.  Back on the east side, Espinosa bested Richeson, 5-2, and Hall squeaked by Bautista, 5-3, pitting a first-time, Espinosa versus Hall match-up, on the Poison Lone Star Tour. The hot seat match yielded a 5-1 win for Hall, sending Espinosa into unchartered territory.  On the one-loss side, Yniguez was on fire, scoring his fifith win, ousting Bautista, 5-4, while Richeson handled Lenz, 5-3. Richeson ended Ynigquez, 5-1, and faced Espinosa for a shot at second place. Espinosa was on, breaking and running out the set on Richeson, earning himself a second shot at Hall. In the final match, Espinosa won the first game, but Hall won the next five, going undefeated to win his first, Poison Lone Star Tour title.

Lee, McGregor, Renteria, Yniguez, Massie, Lane

In the amateur 9-ball division, Danny Lee made his way to the winners’ side final four, defeating Austin’s Jason Guerrero, 5-4, Steve Lenz, Bryan Dick, 5-1, and Brandon Tang, 5-0. Tesfa McGregor logged wins over Jose Hernandez, John Braud, 5-4, David Williams, 5-0, and Jonathan Poon, 5-4, while Ryan Lane defeated Gilberto  Quintero, 5-2, Jason Roessler, Nick Corona, 5-3, and Ricky Hughes, 5-4. Rounding out the final four, David Massie conquered Trevor McKeehan, Tim Ramon, 5-2, Bob Guzik, 5-4, and junior phenom, Kyle Yi, 5-1. On the one-loss side, Erik Renteria eliminated Joey Bourgeois, Jr., and Ricky Hughes, by the same score, 5-4. Mauricio Chairez ended R. Espinosa, 5-4, but fell to Yi, 5-3. Also sliding into the final eight, newcomer Buddy Chilton ended Jason Phillips, 5-1, and Poon, 5-4, while Felipe Yniguez took down Judd Abercrombie, and Tange, by the same score, 5-4. Back on the winners’ side, Lee blocked McGregor, 5-3, and Massie derailed Lane, 5-2. The all-Houston, hot seat shoot-out, witnessed Lee overcome Massie, 5-2. Back on the west side, after winning an incredible seven matches, Yniguez was stopped by Lane, 5-3, while Renteria reeled in his seventh win against McGregor, 5-2. Renteria scored an eighth win against Lane, 5-3, but lost to Massie, 5-4. Once again, Massie and Lee faced off, but Lee proved too much for Massie in the first set, defeating him by a score of 5-1. Congratulations to Danny Lee on earning his first, Poison Lone Star Tour title, in five years.

The Tour would like to extend its deepest gratitude to competitors from the Houston and surrounding areas, and those who traveled from great distances, such as Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Temple, to attend this inaugural, Slick Willies event. Finally, the Tour would like to congratulate Mark Chapman, who took home a new, Poison Cyanide 2 playing cue, in the weekend raffle.

The next event of the 2019 season is February 9th-10th, at Diamond Billiards in Port Arthur, Texas.  For more information about the Poison Lone Star Tour, visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.

Open Payouts – Total $6,825

1st Justin Hall $655/$1,500

2nd Justin Espinosa $435/$1,000

3rd Richie Richeson $305/$750

4th Felipe Yniguez $210/$400

5th-6th Ruben Bautista, Steve Lenz $130/$200

7th-8th Kenneth Price, Jesus Atencio $90/$125

9th-12th Jonathan Poon, Tim Ramon, Ernesto Bayaua, Ricardo Espinosa $70 ea

13th-16th Danisel Blanco, Eddie Palmer, Sr., Jason Roessler, Mario Morin $50 ea

Amateur Payouts – Total $3,100

1st Danny Lee $550/$520

2nd David Massie $330/$360

3rd Erik Renteria $250/$220

4th Ryan Lane $170/$100

5th-6th Felipe Yniguez, Tesfa McGregor $75/$60

7th-8th Kyle Yi, Buddy Chilton $45 ea

9th-12th Mauricio Chairez, Jonathan Poon, Brandon Tang, Ricky Hughes $35 ea

13th-16th Ricardo Espinosa, Judd Abercrombie, Joey Bourgeois, Jr., Jason Phillips $25 ea