Pickering and Rudder Rage on Poison Lone Star Tour

Michael Pickering tore through a field of 41, Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, amateur 8-ball division competitors, edging out Shane Hvamstad in the second set of the true, double elimination final, 3-1. Pickering lost the first set, 3-1, but redeemed himself in overtime to secure his first-ever, Tour win. In the open 8-ball division, following a winners’ side, final four loss, Chase Rudder made a comeback, ousting Steve Lenz in the final, 4-3, 3-0, to claim his first stop of 2018.

On June 9th-10th, 2018, the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour held its fifth stop of the season at Bogies Billiards West in Houston, Texas. Players hailed from San Antonio, Dallas, Tyler, and Beaumont, Texas, amassing 66 entries, to compete for a payout in excess of $4,000.

The Tour would like to thank Bogies West and staff, along with title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues PoisonBilliards.com, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls Facebook@CyclopPoolBalls, APA of North Harris County Facebook@APANorthHarrisCounty, OutsvilleBilliards.com, www.VaporKnightsUSA.com, and Southern Streaming,  for facilitating another successful event for Texas pool players. Finally, The Tour would like to acknowledge and thank Jessaca Hvamstad, of Dallas, Texas, for co-directing this event.

In the amateur division, Michael Pickering made his way to the final four with wins over Montgomery’s Joseph Pruiett, 3-1, Joe Bruno, 3-0, and David Coates, 3-2, while newcomer Chris Barrientes bested Calaia Jackson, 3-0, Will Felder, 3-0, and first-timer, Gabe Garcia, 3-1. Shane Hvamstad was on role, booking wins over D’Andrea McQuirter, 3-0, Chad Reece, and Beaumont’s Carl Honey, 3-1, while Houston’s Bobby Perez took down Jack Cavalier, 3-2, Charles Williams, 3-0, San Antonio’s Ryan Aquino, 3-0, and Houston’s Chuck Adams, 3-2. On the one loss side, playing their way into the final twelve and in the money, Sonny Bosshamer eliminated Bruno, 3-0, while Lenz slid by Teresa Garland, 3-2. Pruiett took out Sissy Lozano, and Cavalier ended newcomer, James Culpepper. Back on the east side, Barrientes fell to Pickering, 3-0, and Hvamstad ousted Perez, 3-2. The hot seat match witnessed Pickering capture a narrow victory over Hvamstad, 3-2. Meanwhile, on the west side, Bosshamer was getting in stroke, logging another win over Honey, 3-1, while Lenz eliminated Adams, 3-0. Garcia passed Pruiett, while Coates took out Cavalier, 3-1. Bosshamer wasn’t finished, surging through Lenz, 3-1, and Barrientes, 3-1, while Garcia dusted off Coates, only to be thwarted by Perez, 3-0. After five wins on the one loss side, Bosshamer hit a brick wall with Perez, 3-1. In turn, Hvamstad beat Perez, 3-1, earning himself a Pickering rematch. In the first set, both players were meticulous in their efforts, calculating each shot with extreme caution. Hvamstad pulled ahead to win the first set, 3-2, and the final headed into overtime. This time, Pickering had the upper hand. The score was 2-1, Pickering’s favor, when Hvamstad had an opportunity to tie the set. Shane’s position on the seven-ball was slightly hindered by an impeding ball. He took aim to spin the cue ball ever so slightly, in order to pocket the ball. The ball was undercut, and Pickering finished the rack to secure his first-ever, Poison Lone Star Tour win.

In the open 9-ball division, Steve Lenz was on fire, dominating Bobby Perez, Ernesto Bayaua, 4-2, and David Coates, 4-2, while Kevin Frauenberger unleashed on Brian Rosenbaum, 4-1, and Vance Rodriguez, to face-off with Lenz. Michael Pickering was on his way to the winners’ side final four, logging wins over Steve Williams, Jack Cavalier, 4-2, and Chad Reece, 4-1, while Chase Rudder passed Shane Hvamstad, 4-3, and Will Felder, to meet Pickering. Lenz escaped Frauenberger, 4-3, and Pickering overwhelmed Rudder, 4-1. In the hot seat match, Lenz made quick work of Pickering, 4-1, seemingly on his way another Tour victory. On the one loss side, after losing his first match, Chuck Adams eliminated Greg Deyo, 3-2, and Coates, while Perez took out Cavalier, Honey, and Rodriguez. Felder upset Bayaua, and it was Pruiett over Reece, 3-0, rounding out the final eight. Perez overwhelmed Adams, but fell to Rudder, while Felder dusted off Reece, 3-1, only to be shut out by Frauenberger, 3-0. Rudder, anxious for a second shot at the winners’ circle, denied Frauenberger, 3-2, and knocked off Pickering, for a shot at Lenz. In the final, the first set went hill-hill, with Rudder slipping away with the final game, 4-3. In the second set, Rudder wasted little time, breaking a running out the first two games and securing the third, to win his first Poison Lone Star event of the year.

Congratulations to Teresa Garland and Sissy Lozano who tied for “top lady” in the amateur 8-ball division. There were an impressive seven female competitors in attendance, including Ruth Paine, D’Andrea McQuirter, Calaia Jackson, Monique Ferguson, and Debra Russell. The Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended this event, and invite them to return at every opportunity.

On a final note, Robyn Rudder gave birth to a healthy baby boy, “Jackson Chase Rudder”, on Monday, June 11th, the day after this photo was taken. The Tour would like to congratulate them on their new arrival!

The next event will be held July 7th-8th, 2018, at Bogies Billiards, located at 3040 FM 1960, in Houston, Texas. This will be a special 10th Anniversary Event for the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, where players will receive free raffle tickets, with a chance at $1,000 worth of products, and a cash drawing! Players who have participated in at least one, previous event, are eligible for free raffle tickets. This same weekend, there will be a Women’s Gulf Coast Regional Billiards Tour 10-Ball Event, beginning Saturday, July 7th, at 11:00am. For more information, visit www.GulfCoastWomensTour.com.

For more information, or sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.

Article and photos by: Kim Newsome

Amateur Payouts

1st Michael Pickering $500/$460

2nd Shane Hvamstad $280/$260

3rd Bobby Perez $170/$135

4th Sonny Bosshamer $110/$50

5th-6th Gabe Garcia, Chris Barrientes $60/$25 ea

7th-8th David Coates, Steve Lenz $30 ea

9th-12th Carl Honey, Chuck Adams, Jack Cavalier, Joseph Priuett $20 ea

Open Payouts

1st Chase Rudder $500/$400

2nd Steve Lenz $290/$250

3rd Michael Pickering $180/$55

4th Kevin Frauenberger $85

5th-6th Bobby Perez, Will Felder $35 ea