Bayaua and Reece Reign Poison Lone Star Tour


Houston’s Ernesto Bayaua went undefeated in the 42-player, Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour open 9-ball division, ousting Jonathan Poon in the final set, 7-1, marking Bayaua’s third Tour victory of 2018. Recent Tour headliner, Chad Reece of Lufkin, Texas, ran through a 50-player field to secure the amateur 9-ball division, defeating Steve Lenz in the first set of the true, double elimination final, 5-4.

San Antonio, Laredo, Leesville, Lufkin, Orange, and New Iberia, Louisiana, were all well represented at the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour 9-ball event, held on April 21-22, 2018, at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. Once again, the Tour would like to thank title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls facebook@CyclopPoolBalls,  Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County facebook@APANorthHarrisCounty,, and, for facilitating another successful  event that paid out  over $5,500 in prize money. Finally, the Tour would like to thank Mike Fabacher and Southern Streaming for providing a free, two-day live stream for at-home viewers, and recording matches for the players.

In the open division, former Poison Lone Star Tour Champion and APA National Champion, Ernesto Bayaua, ran through Richard Hernandez, Laredo’s Gerardo Alvarez, J.C. Torres, 7-3, and Felipe Yniguez, 7-2, while Joey Torres tagged Steve Williams, Denis Strickland, 7-2, Steve Lenz, 7-5, and Brian Rosenbaum, 7-1. Newcomer Chris Hogan was on fire, logging wins over Conroe’s Kelly Kilgore, Laredo’s Manuel Selgado, Adam Cooper, and Randy King, while Houston’s Jonathan Poon ousted Richard “Black Diamond” Stuart, 7-3, Eric Hsu, 7-3, and Chad Reece, 7-3. As the winners’ side final four took shape, one loss side action was underway. Earning their way into the money rounds, Elias Garza ousted King, and Reece bested Lenz, 5-3. Hsu took out Rosenbaum, 5-3, and Dale Briones eliminated Yniguez, 5-1. Back on the east side, J. Torres fell to Bayaua, and Poon ousted Hogan, by the same score, 7-3. Hot seat action witnessed Poon keeping pace with the defending champion, but falling short in the end, 7-5. On the west side, Reece took out Garza, 5-4, and J. Torres, 5-4, while Briones ended Hsu, 5-4, and Hogan, 5-2. Reece went on to eliminate Briones, 5-3, but fell to Poon, 5-4. It was a finals rematch for Bayaua and Poon, yielding a much different result. In the first set, Bayaua broke and ran six racks, defeating Poon, 7-1, to win his third event of the 2018 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour season.










In the amateur division, on his way to the winners’ side final four, Jonathan Poon overcame Randy King, 5-0, Richard Hernandez, Sonny Bosshamer, 5-3, and Dale Briones, 5-2, while Todd Hinson ousted Will Felder, Lance “L.J.” Johnson, and Dennis Zavala, 5-0. Chad Reece made his way with wins over Richard Stuart, 5-2, newcomer Red Mauck, 5-0, Rafael Garcia, 5-4, and Brian Rosenbaum, 5-1, while J.C. Torres handled Mike “Gator” Pawloski, 5-3, Felipe Yniguez, 5-0, and Eric Hsu, 5-2. On the one loss side and in the money, Steve Williams eliminated Rosenbaum, 5-4, and Steve Lenz ended Eric Hsu, 5-2. Briones blew past Felipe Yniguez, 5-3, while Joe Fagan overwhelmed Mike Wilson, 5-2.  Back on the east side, Poon denied Hinson, 5-3, and Reece surpassed J.C. Torres, 5-1. Reece slid past Poon to take the hot seat, 5-3. On the west side, Lenz went on to eliminate Williams, 5-1, and Hinson, 5-0, while Briones took care of Fagan, 5-0, only to be ousted by J.C. Torres, 5-1.

With an incredible seven wins on the one loss side, Lenz went on to defeat J.C. Torres, 5-0, and Poon, 5-3, to meet Reece in the finals. Lenz accumulated nine straight wins, only to be ousted by Reece in the final match, 5-4.

The Tour would like to congratulate Brooke Dailing of Conroe, Texas, the lone, female competitor in the event who finished 17th-24th in the amateur 9-ball division!








The next tour stop will be open and amateur 9-ball, held on June 9-10, 2018, at Bogies Billiards West, located at 9638 Jones Road in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit


1st Ernesto Bayaua $525/$580

2nd Jonathan Poon $350/$350

3rd Chad Reece $260/$130

4th Dale Briones $175

5th-6th Joey Torres, Chris Hogan $85 ea

7th-8th Elias Garza, Eric Hsu $35 ea


1st Chad Reece $500/$585

2nd Steve Lenz $310/$395

3rd Jonathan Poon $220/$245

4th J.C. Torres $150/$125

5th-6th Dale Briones, Todd Hinson $70/$60 ea

7th-8th Steve Williams, Joe Fagan $40 ea

9th-12th Brian Rosenbaum, Eric Hsu, Felipe Yniguez, Mike Wilson $25 ea