Aicinena and Griffin Grasp Poison Lone Star Tour Finale

Aicinena, Rosenbaum, Nanashee, Rojas, Shabib, Griffin, Larson, Bayaua

Eric Aicinena overwhelmed Raed Shabib, 6-1, in the 62-player, open 9-ball division, at the final stop on the 2022 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. Johnny Griffin captured his first-ever win, defeating Victor Rojas in the finals of the 53-player, amateur 9-ball division, 5-4. Both players went undefeated in their respective divisions, grasping their first victories of the season.

On October 8th-9th, 2022, title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Predator Cues, Alamo Billiards, Outsville Billiards, and Team Straight Pool Eye, facilitated another successful event for players across Texas. Nearly 100 competitors, including 20 Gulf Coast Tour women, participated in the final event of the Tour season, held at the popular Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, Texas. Big Tyme provided twenty-four, 7’ bar tables for tournament play, all covered with Predator Arcadia Reserve, tournament blue cloth, in a non-smoking environment. Predator sponsored the Arcos II ball sets used on each table, and Accu-Racks were provided by Outsville Billiards for discussion-free racking.

In the open 9-ball division, winners’ side final eight, newcomer April Larson defeated Brian Rosenbaum, and Raed Shabib overwhelmed Mark Nanashee, by the same score, 6-1. Eric Aicinena made quick work of Victor Rojas, 6-2, while Ernesto Bayaua ousted Johnny Griffin, 6-4. In the following round, Shabib sent Larson west, 6-1, while Aicinena edged out Bayaua, 6-4. Hot seat action witnessed Aicinena slip past Shabib, 6-5. On the west side, down to the final eight players in the event, Rojas eliminated Griffin, 5-3, and Larson, 5-1, while Nanashee dusted off Rosenbaum, 5-3, falling to Bayaua in the next round, 5-1. Bayaua went on to eliminate Rojas, 5-4, but fell to Shabib, 5-2. Shabib earned a rematch with Aicinena, but the outcome would be the same. Aicinena overwhelmed Shabib in the final set, 6-1, going undefeated to capture his first event of the year.

Torres, Rodriguez, Oldacre, Chow, Griffin, Rojas, Havens, Bosshamer

In the amateur 9-ball division, winners’ side final eight, Sonny Bosshamer defeated Andrew Rodriguez, 5-3, while Johnny Griffin detoured David Chow, 5-1. J.C. Torres overwhelmed Gregory Oldacre, 5-1, while Victor Rojas eased by Abel Laura, 5-3. In the following round, Griffin overcame Rodriguez, 5-2, while Rojas sent Torres west, 5-3. In the hot seat match, Griffin came on strong, ending Rojas’ winning streak, 5-2. On the west side, and in the final eight, Havens shut out Oldacre, 4-0, but fell to Rodriguez by the same score. Chow sent Bosshamer packing, 4-2, but was eliminated by Torres in the next round, 4-2. Rodriguez defeated Torres, 4-2, but was disappointed by Rojas by the same score. Once again, Rojas faced off against Griffin, for a chance at redemption. In the final set, Griffin slid past Rojas, in a 5-4 nailbiter, earning his first-ever, Tour win.

The Tour hosted 8 stops this year and garnered 256 players in the open division, alone. Johnny Griffin not only secured his first Tour victory, but sewed up first place in the open division Tour rankings, to become the 2023 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, Open Division, Tour Champion.

There were 149 players who competed in the amateur division, this year. Victor “Champion” Rojas proved worthy of his nickname, finishing first in the amateur division rankings to become the 2023 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, Amateur Division, Tour Champion.

Griffin and Rojas each received a set of Predator Arcos II pool balls, for their outstanding accomplishments on Tour. Each player will also receive a personalized, Tour plaque, to commemorate their achievement.

The Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended this event, and invite them back at every opportunity. The 2023 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour season is just around the corner, and the annual schedule will be published, soon. Stay tuned to our social media pages, and our website,, for the most up-to-date, Tour information.

Amateur Payouts – Total $3,290

1st Johnny Griffin $540/$900

2nd Victor Rojas $320/$530

3rd Andrew Rodriguez $240/$300

4th J.C. Torres $160

5th-6th David Chow, John Havens $60

7th-8th Sonny Bosshamer, Gregory Oldacre $40

9th-12th Abel Laura, Eric Cantrell, Erik Renteria, Justin Hickman $25

Open Payouts – $4,420

1st Eric Aicinena $600/$1070

2nd Raed Shabib $400/$700

3rd Ernesto Bayaua $280/$400

4th Victor Rojas $190/$200

5th-6th Mark Nanashee, April Larson $90

7th-8th Brian Rosenbaum, Johnny Griffin $60

9th-12th Chuck Adams, Mille Almaraz, Ray Porter, Danny Bennett $45

13th-16th Mike Fay, J.C. Torres, Megan Hardin, Austin Abernathy $25