Gomez and Alvarez Ace Poison Lone Star Tour Finale

Renteria, Gomez, Alvarez, Calderone, Price, Bayaua

Roberto “Superman” Gomez defeated Alex Calderone in overtime to win the 61-player, open 9-ball division, and Jerry Alvarez went undefeated in the 64-player, amateur 9-ball division, conquering Erik Renteria in the final set, at the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, season finale 9-ball event. These were first-time wins for both Gomez and Alvarez.

On October 12th-13th, 2019, Tour title sponsor, Poison by Predator Cues, sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, APA of North Harris County, Vapor Fiend, Outsville Billiards, Southern Streaming, and venue, Big Tyme Billiards, facilitated a phenomenal, season finale, for the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. The 9-ball bar table tournament, held at Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, Texas, garnered well over one hundred players, including thirty-six, Gulf Coast Tour Women, and paid out $10,657 in prize money. The event drew notables Roberto Gomez, Alex Calderone, Ernesto Bayaua , Doug Young, Blaine Barcus, and featured a two-day, live stream, produced by Mike Fabacher of Southern Streaming. The Tour would like to thank room owners Billy Sharp, Deborah Sharp, Mark Avery, and Jim Henry, for hosting another stellar event. Big Tyme always provides a pleasant atmosphere, the best equipment, and an attentive staff, which makes for a very enjoyable, tournament-going experience. The Tour will return to Big Tyme Billiards in 2020!

Gomez, Calderone

In the open 9-ball division, on his way to the winners’ side, final four, Robert Gomez overwhelmed Bart Green, 7-0, Jerry Alvarez, 7-0, Kenneth Price, 7-5, and Ricky Hughes, 7-0. Erik Renteria booked wins over Dennis Zavala, 7-4, Jimmy Weeks, 7-1, Leon Contreras, 7-4, and J.C. Torres, 7-6, while Ernesto Bayaua defeated Bart Bowman, 7-0, Marshal Ward, 7-3, Seth Gonzalez, 7-1, and Chad Hart, 7-1. Rounding out the final four, Alex Calderone denied Ken Laney, 7-4, Blaine Barcus, 7-2, Joel Acevedo, 7-0, and Alan Myers, 7-0. On the west side,  Alvarez won six matches, including victories over Joey Bourgeois, Jr., Steve Lenz, 5-3, Gonzalez, and finally, Richard “Black Diamond” Stuart, to reach the final twelve. Joel Acevedo eliminated Shelby Green, and Price dust off John Braud, by the same score, 5-3. Chad Reece was on a roll, securing five wins, ending with a shut-out against Barcus, to reach the final twelve. On the winners’ side, Bayaua dealt a blow to Calderone, 7-4, and Gomez overtook Renteria, 7-1. Winding down on the one-loss side, Alvarez ended Torres, 5-2, while Acevedo sent Hughes packing, 5-3. Price slid by Myers, 5-4, and Reece locked in a sixth win with Hart, 5-4. Back on the winners’ side, hot seat action saw Gomez annihilate Bayaua, 7-0, sending the 2018 Tour Champion to the west side of town. Battling it out to stay alive, Alvarez eliminated Acevedo, 5-0, but fell to Calderone, 5-2. Price stopped Reece, 5-2, but lost to Renteria by the same score. At this point, Calderone was on fire, taking out Renteria, 5-0, and Bayaua, 5-0, earning himself a shot at Gomez, and the title. The final match between Gomez and Calerone was a real crowd pleaser. Calderone came out swinging, dealing Gomez his first loss, 7-5. In overtime, Gomez regrouped, pulling out a 5-2 victory against Calderone, to claim his first, open division win on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour.

Hughes, Renteria, Alvarez, Bourgeois, Jr., Felder, Contreras

In the amateur 9-ball division, Jerry Alvarez began his trek with wins over Bart Green, 5-2, Charles Williams, 5-1, Seth Gonzalez, 5-1, and J.C. Torres, 5-2. Ricky Hughes bested Scott Solomon, 5-4, Chad Reece, 5-2, Chuck Adams, 5-1, and Ronny Yeagy, 5-2. In contention for this year’s Tour Champion award, Joey Bourgeois, Jr. ousted Eric Gauthier, 5-4, Shelby Green, 5-3, Jimmy May, 5-1, and Leon Contreras, 5-1, while Erik Renteria overcame Richard Stuart, 5-4, Adam Ramirez, 5-3, Chard Hart, and Victor “Champion” Belmares, 5-2. On the west side and in the money, Gonzalez eliminated Kevin Frauenberger while Shelby Green sent home Bret Harlan, by the same score, 5-4. Will Felder ended Joel Acevedo’s four-game winning streak, and Kenneth Price dusted off David Staten, 5-0. In the next round, Gonzalez fell to Contreras, and Belmares ended Green, 5-4. Felder booked his fifth win, ousting Yeagy, 5-4, while Torres cashed out Price, 5-2. Back on the east side, final four action was heating up, as Alvarez owned Hughes, 5-1, and Renteria slid by Bourgeois, Jr., 5-4.

Renteria, Alvarez

In this first-ever, hot seat match- up, Alvarez proved too much for Renteria, sending him west, 5-2. Back on the one-loss side, Contreras was on a roll, eliminating Belmares and Hughes, by the same score, 5-4, while Felder tagged Torres, falling in turn to Bourgeois, Jr. Contreras logged his fourth win against Bourgeois, Jr., 5-4, but lost to Renteria, 5-3. With that win, Renteria earned himself a rematch with Alvarez. In the final, Alvarez denied Renteria once again, 5-3, going undefeated to win his first, Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, amateur division.

Felder and Bourgeois, Jr.

Congratulations to Will Felder, the 2019 Tour Champion in the open 9-ball division, and Joey Bourgeois, Jr., the 2019 Tour Champion in the amateur 9-ball division.  Both players fought hard for these accolades, dedicating themselves to competition, attending more than half of the events during the 2019 Tour season. For their efforts, they each received $500 in MSRP product, including Poison Cyanide3-2 playing cues, Cyclop Pool Ball sets, and Championship plaques. Will Felder also earned “Most Improved Player”, building on his amateur, 2018 Tour Championship title, to capture the open division Tour Champion title, this year.

The Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended the season finale, and thank all of the players who attend events, year-round. Congratulations to Luis Acosta who took home a Poison VX5 Pink Ribbon Break/Jump Cue in the silent auction, and newcomer Mark Stuart who scored a brand new set of Cyclop Pool Balls in the weekend raffle.

Mark your calendars! The next event is slated for January 4th-5th, 2020, in Houston, Texas. The venue has not yet been determined. For more information about the Poison Lone Star Tour, visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.


Open Payouts – Total $4,385

1st Roberto Gomez $600/$900

2nd Alex Calderone $425/$600

3rd Ernesto Bayaua $300/$400

4th Erik Renteria $180/$225

5th-6th Jerry Alvarez, Kenneth Price $90/$120

7th-8th Joel Acevedo, Chad Reece $50 ea

9th-12th Chad Hart, Ricky Hughes, J.C. Torres, Alan Myers $35 ea

13th-16th John Braud, Shelby Green, Richard Stuart, Blaine Barcus $25 ea


Amateur Payouts – Total $4,610

1st Jerry Alvarez $550/$1,000

2nd Erik Renteria $345/$710

3rd Leon Contreras $250/$420

4th Joey Bourgeois, Jr. $155/$280

5th-6th Ricky Hughes, Will Felder $75/$140 ea

7th-8th Victor Belmares, J.C. Torres $45/$70 ea

9th-12th Shelby Green, Kenneth Price, Ronny Yeagy, Seth Gonzalez $35 ea

13th-16th Bret Harlan, Kevin Frauenberger, Joel Acevedo, David Staten $25 ea