Bayaua and Bosshamer Blitz on Poison Lone Star Tour

Bayaua and Bosshamer Blitz on Poison Lone Star Tour

Ernesto Bayaua went undefeated to capture the 39-player, open 8-ball division, while Sonny Bosshamer ran through a 47-player field, to secure the amateur 8-ball division, at the first stop on the 2018 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. Bayaua overwhelmed Brian Rosenbaum in the final, 3-0, while Bosshamer denied Lufkin’s Chad Reece in both sets of the true double elimination final, 3-2, 3-2.

Lake Jackson, Freeport, Stafford, Lufkin, Victoria, and San Antonio were just a handful of cities represented by players competing in the Poison Lone Star Tour 8-ball event, held on January 13th-14th, 2018, at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. The Tour would like to acknowledge and thank all the new players who attended their first Tour event, some hailing from Houston’s North Harris County APA and Houston Best of Billiards leagues. Props go out to Ruth Paine, Alamo City 8-Ball Association operator, who was the lone, female competitor in the event. Many thanks to Mike Fabacher who provided the free, two-day live stream, and Michael Presley for his assistance in the booth. Once again, Tour title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls facebook@CyclopPoolBalls,  Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County facebook@APANorthHarrisCounty,, and, facilitated another successful  event that paid out over $4,500 in prize money, to the top twelve finishers in each division.

Bayaua and Bosshamer Blitz on Poison Lone Star Tour

In the open division, former Poison Lone Star Tour Champion and APA National Champion, Ernesto Bayaua, ran through Jake Jurgens, 3-1, Sonny Bosshamer, 3-1, and Kevin Frauenberger, 3-1, while Canada’s Robert Crane bested Lance Johnson, Steve Williams, 3-2, and Joey Torres, 3-1. Former Tour Champion, Brian Rosenbaum, overcame “Mikey Boy” Martinez, 3-1, Sylver Ochoa, 3-1, and Mark Cardenas, 3-1, while Doug Gray ousted Brian Humphrey, 3-2, Dave Ramirez, 3-1, Michael Presley, 3-0, and Chris Thompson, 3-2. On the west side, in the final twelve and in the money, Frauenberger slid by Curt Sheldon, 3-2, and Torres eliminated Ochoa, 3-2, while Cardenas cancelled Williams, 3-0, and Bosshamer terminated Thompson. On the winners’ side, Rosenbaum stopped Gray, 3-2, while Bayaua closed out Crane, 3-0. In the hot seat match, Bayaua made quick work of Rosenbaum, 3-0. On the flip side, Torres was on a tear, eliminating Frauenberger, 3-2, and Gray, 3-0, while Bosshamer overcame Cardenas, but fell to Crane. In turn, Torres eliminated Crane, but lost the next round to Rosenbaum, 3-1. With that win, Rosenbaum earned a rematch with Bayaua. In the finals, Bayaua won the flip and never looked back, running three racks against Rosenbaum, and going undefeated to win his first event of 2018.

Bayaua and Bosshamer Blitz on Poison Lone Star Tour

In the amateur division, newcomer Shane Aguinaga of Freeport, Texas, made his way to the winners’ side final four, booking wins over Shelby Green, Chuck Adams, 3-2, Eboo Alali, 3-2, and Bill Fain, 3-1, while Sonny Bosshamer sliced through Brandon Anderson, 3-0, Brian Humphrey, 3-0, Robert Crane, 3-0, and Mark Cardenas, 3-1. Lufkin’s Chad Reece took charge, logging wins over Chris Gutierrez, Michael Presley, 3-0, Steve Siarski, 3-1, and Eric Hsu, 3-2, while Tony Scott took down John Frye, 3-0, Jake Jurgens, Lance Johnson, 3-0, and Will Felder, 3-1. On the west side, in the final twelve and in the money, Hsu fell to Frauenberger, 3-1, and Felder foiled Alali, 3-1, while Fain bested Williams, 3-1, and Siarski ousted Cardenas, 3-2. Winners’ side final four action witnessed Bosshamer defeat Aguinaga, 3-2, and Reece derail Scott, 3-1. Reece went on to end Bosshamer’s run, 3-1, winning his first hot-seat match, on Tour. Staying alive on the one loss side, Felder dusted off Frauenberger, 3-2, and Aguinaga, 3-0, while Fain ended Siarski, 3-1, only to fall short against Scott, 3-2. Felder slipped by Scott, and into the final four, but was denied by Bosshamer, 3-1. Once again, Bosshamer met up with Reece, in a battle to the bitter end. Reece faltered the first set, 3-2, sending the finals into overtime. In the second set, Bosshamer edged out Reece, 3-2, to win his first event of 2018.

Bayaua and Bosshamer Blitz on Poison Lone Star Tour

Serving pool players, pool rooms, and sponsors, since 2009, the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year as the longest-running billiards tour in the south. A special 10th Anniversary Event will be held for players who compete in at least two events between now, and July 7th, 2018. Players are strongly encouraged to meet the eligibility requirements, in order to gain entrance into this event. The next tour stop will be open and amateur 9-ball, held on February 10th-11th, at Bogies West, 9638 Jones Road, Houston, Texas. For more information, including access to the free live stream, visit



1st Ernesto Bayaua $510/$430

2nd Brian Rosenbaum $310/$260

3rd Joey Torres $220/$130

4th Robert Crane $135

5th-6th Doug Gray, Sonny Bosshamer $65 ea

7th-8th Kevin Frauenberger, Mark Cardenas $35 ea

9th-12th Curt Sheldon, Sylver Ochoa, Steve Williams, Chris Thompson $25 ea

13th-16th Eboo Alali, Will Felder, Jong Yoo, Chuck Adams

17th-24th Michael Presley, Joey Hatch, Jake Jurgens, Steve Siarski, Shelby Green, Richard Stuart, Eric Hsu, Jason Galetka

25th-32nd Steve Aguinaga, Lance Johnson, G.W. Butler, Chad Reece, Dave Ramirez, John Frye, Chris Gutierrez, Edward Palacios

33rd-39th Alexander Mojica, Jose Marroquin, Carlo Cabarlo, Brian Humphrey, Seth Gonzales, Brandon Anderson, Mikey Boy Martinez



1st Sonny Bosshamer $500/$390

2nd Chad Reece $300/$240

3rd Will Felder $210/$130

4th Tony Scott $130/$60

5th-6th Shane Aguinaga, Bill Fain $65 ea

7th-8th Kevin Frauenberger, Steve Siarski $35 ea

9th-12th Eric Hsu, Eboo Alali, Steve Williams, Mark Cardenas $25 ea

13th-16th Shelby Green, Richard Stuart, Lance Johnson, Chris Thompson

17th-24th Robert Crane, Joey Hatch, G.W. Butler, Edward Palacios, Brian Rosenbaum, Larry Thompson, Jong Yoo, Jason Kuang

25th-32nd Seth Gonzales, Alexander Mojica, Michael Presley, Curt Sheldon, Andy Yim, Derrell Montgomery, Chuck Adams, Carlo Cabarlo

33rd-47th Shane Thompson, Tony Mathew, Hector Torres, Jake Jurgens, Ruth Paine, Dave Ramirez, Brandon Anderson, Jose Marroquin, Robert Pham, Brian Humphrey, Chris Gutierrez, Daniel Wise, John Frye, Jason Galetka, Mike Boy Martinez